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Terms & Conditions

All Delfin Amazon Cruises (“Delfin Amazon Cruises SAC”) counterparties who decide to engage into a service contract with her under the present document (individually, “Client”) and website users must carefully read our Terms and Conditions before accessing the website and prior to making a booking. If you have any questions at all, including to the form of waiver described below, please contact us at [email protected] for clarification prior to booking. All Clients are deemed to have read, understood, and accepted these terms and conditions before making any deposit payments and submitting booking information.



Delfin Amazon Cruises does not provide any type of insurance coverage in favor of its Clients, this includes but is not limited to life, medical or travel policies. Clients are strongly advised to purchase trip cancellation insurance, which typically reimburses the cost of air tickets and other non-refundable trip payments. International medical, baggage loss and delay insurance are also recommended. Delfin Amazon Cruises, the Delfin I, Delfin II and Delfin III operator, assumes no liability for lost or stolen personal belongings or costs resulting from passenger evacuation in case of a medical emergency, robbery or any other type of emergency evacuation. In this regard, Client acknowledges that Services provided by Delfin Amazon Cruises do not include security, deposit or custody over her items.


It is Client’s sole responsibility to verify she has all the necessary visas, transit visas and passport requirements prior to travel and paid any required reciprocity fees for their destination. A full and valid passport is required for all persons traveling to any of the destinations outside the U.S. that we feature.  You must obtain and have possession of a valid passport, all visas, permits and certificates, proof of insurance and vaccination certificates required for your entire trip.

Most international trips require a passport valid until at least six (6) months beyond the scheduled end of your Itinerary.  Non-U.S. citizens should contact the appropriate consular office for any requirements pertaining to their Trip.  Further information on entry requirements can be obtained from the State Department or directly from the destination country’s website.

You must carefully observe all applicable formalities and ensure that the surnames and forenames used for all passengers when making a booking and appearing in your travel documents (booking forms, travel tickets, vouchers, etc.), correspond exactly with those appearing on your passport, visas, etc. Delfin Amazon Cruises does not accept responsibility or will grant refunds if Client is refused passage into a country due to the failure on your part to carry or obtain the correct documentation.


Clients shall contact Delfin Amazon Cruises with at least 30 days prior to embarkation regarding its specific dietary needs. Every effort will be made to cater to such special dietary needs, and to accommodate special requests, subject to a given products’ availability in the areas in which Services are to be provided. Failure to provide timely notice by Client will be deemed as a final and absolute waiver of responsibility in favor of Delfin Amazon Cruses concerning dietary needs.


Client declares and warrants to Delfin Amazon Cruise that as of date is in good physical health.

Visiting the area involves the use of small motorized skiffs and at times may include some possible wet landings. The daily excursions may include walking on irregular terrain, and getting in and out of the skiffs occasionally requires some physical effort. Walking excursions may last up to two hours. Malaria pills and yellow fever vaccinations are not required by Delfin Amazon Cruises, but might be required for onward travel. It is the client’s responsibility to check with their local health care provider to know the current recommended travel medication and vaccinations.


Each passenger is typically allowed 23 kg. each (50 lbs.) by the airlines policies, plus carry-on luggage, photo, video camera or binoculars. Delfin Amazon Cruises, at our VIP Lounge in the Port of Nauta have storage -but does not assume any kind of responsibility- for oversized luggage or things you will not want to carry during your stay on board. We strongly suggest light luggage or soft bags that can be properly store under the beds for making your stay more comfortable while you are cruising.




The Pacaya Samiria National Reserve is a protected area by Peruvian Law, and visitors are required to comply with certain rules and regulations. The naturalist guide will inform passengers of these rules. If a Client does not comply with these rules, Delfin Amazon Cruises shall not be held in any way liable for the resulting consequences or damages suffered thereof.


Clients have responsibilities toward both their fellow passengers and the Delfin Amazon Cruises crew. Every passenger should review the conditions contained in the trip itinerary, follow normal social behavior and etiquette patterns with fellow passengers, observe all health and safety requirements on board and on excursions, and act in an appropriate and respectful manner toward the Delfin I, Delfin II  and/or Delfin III crew’s members and their fellow travelers. The Delfin Amazon Cruise captain onboard has the right to remove a passenger from the vessel if the passenger is not following the vessel’s code of conduct, or if the Client is considered by the captain as a threat to someone else’s safety on and off board.



Prior to the beginning of the agreed services, Client shall issue a waiver of responsibility in favor of Delfin Amazon Cruises.  Clients shall contact Delfin Amazon Cruises with at least 30 days prior to embarkation regarding any comments or suggested modifications they might have. Failure to provide timely notice by Client will be deemed as a final and absolute consent to such waiver. Delfin Amazon Cruises -without any responsibility or refund- may reject admission to any Client who does not sign the waiver prior to embarkation.



For reservations made 91 days or more before departure: A deposit of USD 500.00 per person is required to confirm the booking. The final balance is required 90 days prior to the departure day. If the payment is not received on time, the space(s) will be automatically released.

For reservations made 90 days or less prior to departure: A full, non-refundable payment is required to confirm the booking.

For cancellations made 151 days or more before departure: The deposit made by Client will be refunded, less a USD 200.00 service charge per person as liquidated damages in favor of Delfin Amazon Cruises.

For cancellations made 150 to 91 days prior to departure: All deposits made by Client are non-refundable and transferred to Delfin Amazon Cruises as liquidated damages.

For cancellations made 90 days or less prior to departure: Full payment by Client will be applied as a liquidated damages in favor of Delfin Amazon Cruises.

Given the limited spots in the cruises, Delfin Amazon Cruises will not grant any other kind of refund or reschedule to Clients who cancel their reservations, even in case of force majeure or unavailability to travel for any cause.



All rates are expressed in US Dollars (USD $), PER PERSON and based on double occupancy.

There are two Single Supplement categories on our fleet:

+50% in addition to the adult rate on Suites onboard the Delfin II, and Suites & Upper Suites on board the Delfin lll.

+75% in addition to the adult rate onboard the Delfin l, on the Master Suites onboard the Delfin ll, and the Owner Suite & Corner Suites onboard the Delfin lll.

For children there is a 7 years old minimum on all departures, and Client declares and warrants that no children under such age will be brought to any facility. For children aged between 7 and 11 there will be a 20% discount from the adult rate.




+ All meals while on board (arrival day: lunchbox and dinner; cruise days: all meals; departure day: breakfast)

+ All excursions & equipment (including rubber boots & rain ponchos)

+ Transfers to/from vessel when arriving on recommended flights to/from Iquitos (Lima-Iquitos: 10:00 a.m.; Iquitos-Lima: 1 p.m.)

+ Entrance fee to Pacaya Samiria National Reserve 

+ Natural juices, soda, coffee, tea, water, beer, house cocktails, pisco cocktails & sours, house wines with lunch and dinner.


– Air tickets to/from Iquitos 

– Cost of medical emergencies (including evacuation)

– Insurance policies

– Gratuities (amount suggested per guest: USD 120.00)

– Any additional transportation services except for the expressly indicated in this document.

– Any additional bar consumptions except for the expressly indicated in this document.

– Boutique purchases (Delfin III only)

– Minibar consumptions (Delfin I & III only)



Your cruise package includes transfers from/to the Iquitos Airport to/from the port of Nauta, where the vessel will depart and set sail from. These included transfers are offered only when arriving and departing with our recommended LATAM Airlines flights, which are set approximately 10:00 a.m. for the Lima-Iquitos flight and approximately 1:00 p.m. for the Iquitos-Lima flight.

Any additional services are not included.

Delfin Amazon Cruises does not take any responsibility if the Client does not take the recommended LATAM Airlines flight and misses their contracted cruise service.

Here are some occurrences that may arise where Delfin Amazon Cruises may assist for an additional charge, where the client needs to inform Delfin Amazon Cruises 30 days prior to travel:

In case the Client arrives earlier than the recommended arrival time on the departure day of their cruise. Subject to availability, Delfin Amazon Cruises may arrange them to be privately taken from Iquitos airport into the city, enjoy a comprehensive and expertly led city tour, and/or taken to a restaurant. 

Charges shall be informed before the beginning of these additional services.



Delfin Amazon Cruises reserves the right to substitute another cruise for Delfin I, Delfin II or Delfin III if considered necessary (i.e., force majeure or mechanical failure). If Client does not take this option, Delfin Amazon Cruises reserves the right to cancel the trip upon a refund pro rata per cruise night not used or, as an alternative, will offer credit for the same monetary amount toward a future cruise on the Delfin I, Delfin II and/or Delfin III.

Please note that cruise itineraries are dependent on the river water level, weather conditions, wildlife behavior, and general accessibility to destinations, so they may vary. All times and schedules indicated are approximate, and are also subject to changes.



By participating in any off board excursion and activity, Clients agrees that she has been duly informed about the activity and all security measures that Delfin Amazon Cruises establishes for passengers safety. Despite the participation in these actives are voluntary, Client is strongly encouraged to attend and Client agrees to assume all risks and responsibilities of their personal safety and care during these excursions and activities.



This document shall be governed and executed under the laws of the Republic of Peru.

Any dispute, controversy or claim which may arise between Client and Delfin Amazon Cruises concerning the fulfilment, interpretation, resolution, rescission, termination, enforcement, validity, nullity or voidability or any conflict arising out of or in relation to this Agreement or the services provided therin shall be understood according to Peruvian Law and finally resolved and subject to arbitration under the rules of the Center of Conciliation and Arbitration of the Chamber of Commerce of Lima, Peru.  The place for the arbitration shall be the city of Lima, Peru, and the language shall be Spanish.



Client agrees that when traveling with minors (18 years and under by Peruvian Law) Client will be participating in activities that involve navigation in fast current waters, excursions aboard speedboat, kayaks and paddle boards and excursions on land in the jungle. The Amazon rainforest in Peru is a remote and difficult to access location, it is Client sole responsibility to supervise the minor traveling with her at all times in this environment and while participating in all onboard and off board activities.

The Client assumes all risks and responsibility that are inherent in participating in these activities on behalf of the minor. Delfin Amazon Cruises shall not be in any way liable for any criminal, civil, injury, loss or damage that could result in participating in these activities.

Client declares and warrants that -as a guardian of the children traveling with her- she has sufficient power to issue in their name a waiver of responsibility in favor of Delfin Amazon Cruises.



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