Be A Light Video – Watch the Grandiose and Elegant Tropical Amazon Unfold Through the Light

Be A Light.

As we continue celebrating our Condé Nast 2021 Readers’ Choice Award, making the list of Top 10 River Cruises in the World, we’ve released our newest video, showcasing the phenomenal Amazon Rainforest unfolding through light.

Every new day in the majestic Amazon comes with unspoiled colors, sounds, motions and life. A space in time where all the senses collide to form a wildlife orchestra.

Beyond the Andes Mountains, the grandiose and elegant tropical Amazon is home to the Pacaya Samiria, an untouched land of timeless pink dolphins and wise cultures, lead by the light. It’s a land yet to be discovered.

We invite you to join us onboard Delfin Amazon Cruises, to navigate the rivers that guide us to the light. Be a Light. The Amazon is yours to discover.

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A film by Morten Andersen.