Birds in the Amazon Rainforest

Unlike anywhere else on the planet, thousands of species of birds in the Amazon Rainforest make this tropical region their home. The Amazon’s impact on the planet extends far further than its surrounding countries or even just the continent of South America. The rainforest acts as a giant pair of lungs for planet Earth, filtering out carbon dioxide and providing us with fresh, clean oxygen to breathe. 

But, the Amazon Rainforest is essential for more than just humans. This spectacular stretch of natural beauty is home to thousands of plant and animal species, all of which depend entirely on the rainforest to provide them with food, water, and a place to live. In fact, the Amazon Rainforest is so jam-packed with wildlife that this can easily be the focus of your entire vacation.


Aracari Bird

Birds that Live in the Amazon Jungle

Some of the most splendid and exotic birds in the world make their home in the Amazon Rainforest. Current estimates put the number of different species of bird found in this region at over 1,300, almost 30 of which are endemic, meaning they can only be found in the Amazon Rainforest. The majority of the birds live in the canopy of the rainforest and you would be truly amazed at the different colors, shapes, and sizes they come in.

The most notable of the Amazon Rainforest’s birds is the iconic toucan – immediately recognizable and almost always associated with the Amazon. This beautiful bird is known for its enormous beak and colorful plumage. Another feathered gem of the rainforest is the majestic harpy eagle, which is a staggering  one meter tall and has a wingspan on two meters. In fact, this bird is large that it preys on monkeys and sloths!


Hoatzin Bird

While the toucan and harpy eagle steal the limelight, there are dozens of other bird species that can be found gliding effortlessly through the Amazonian air. Green-winged and blue and yellow macaws can often be found soaring overhead or congregating at one of the salt licks located on the river banks. The prehistoric-looking hoatzin is also one of the main players in the Amazon’s ornithological scene. It is characterized by an unusual crest on its head. 

It would take a very long time to write about every bird in the Amazon and even the most enthusiastic bird lover wouldn’t struggle to read that much about birds. So, we will round things up with a special mention of the crimson-crested woodpecker, which is the largest of its kind; and the jabiru, the tallest flying bird in all of Central and South America, sporting white feathers, a black, featherless head, and a bright red throat.


Download Our Pacaya Samiria Wildlife Checklist 


Pacaya Samiria Wildlife Checklist

By downloading our Pacaya Samiria Wildlife Checklist, you can learn about the different types of flora and fauna you may encounter in the biodiverse Amazon jungle. If you have a trip with us, bring your list with you, so you can track to see which animals and plants you see during you trip. This is a great souvenir and memory that you can later tell your loved ones about. Simply click the link above to download.

The Pacaya Samiria National Reserve features on Delfin’s river cruise itineraries and it is one of the best places in the world to find birds. This huge park, which covers over five million acres, is home to over 500 different species of bird so there’s definitely no shortage of winged creatures to ogle.

Whilst on one of our Delfin Amazon Cruises, you will be accompanied with our Eagle Eyed guides, who will point out wildlife for you. These guides have a wealth of experience doing this and they can spot a macaw resting on a branch before you’ve even brought the image into focus.


Listen to the Birds Sounds of the Amazon Jungle 


Amazon Jungle Sounds

Sit back, close your eyes and travel to the serenity of the rainforest from your home. A symphony you have never heard before. Wind, water, flora, fauna and raindrops come together to create a relaxing melody of unique sounds and sensations for your home to be transported to the jungle. Click the link above to get instantly transported to the Amazon Jungle, can you recognize any bird sounds?


Birds in the Amazon


Whether you’re into bird-watching or not, you can’t help but be mildly fascinated by the diversity and array of birds in the Amazon Rainforest. For the fullest and most wholesome Amazon Rainforest experience, spending your vacation aboard Delfin Amazon Cruises is when you can truly wake up in the morning to the sounds of the various birdsong in the morning.

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