Exploring the Wonders of Global Big Day: Celebrating Migratory Birds in the Amazon Rainforest

Every year, bird enthusiasts around the world eagerly anticipate one special day on the calendar – Global Big Day. This international event is a celebration of migratory birds, where birdwatchers from all corners of the globe unite in a quest to spot and document as many bird species as possible within a 24-hour period. It’s a thrilling opportunity to appreciate the beauty of avian diversity and contribute valuable data to ornithological research.

In the heart of the Amazon Rainforest, Global Big Day takes on a whole new level of excitement. Here, amidst the lush foliage and winding waterways, a myriad of bird species call this vibrant ecosystem home. From the majestic raptors soaring overhead to the tiny warblers flitting among the branches, the Amazon is teeming with avian wonders waiting to be discovered.

Among the many feathered residents of the Amazon Rainforest, let’s take a moment to appreciate some of the remarkable species that grace this biodiverse paradise:

  • Buff-breasted Sandpiper: With its striking buff-colored plumage and long, slender bill, this shorebird is a captivating sight along the riverbanks.
  • Pectoral Sandpiper: Known for its distinctive streaked breast and mottled brown plumage, the Pectoral Sandpiper is a common sight during its migratory journeys.
  • Ruddy Turnstone: True to its name, this shorebird can often be seen flipping over stones and seaweed in search of food, revealing its ruddy-colored underparts.
  • Upland Sandpiper: Standing tall on long legs, the Upland Sandpiper cuts a striking figure in the grasslands, where it breeds during the summer months.31 Bartram's Sandpiper Royalty-Free Images, Stock Photos & Pictures | Shutterstock
  • Lesser Yellowlegs and Greater Yellowlegs: These elegant waders are easily distinguished by the length of their legs, with the Greater Yellowlegs boasting a noticeably longer bill.
  • Solitary Sandpiper: Despite its name, this solitary bird can sometimes be found in the company of other shorebirds along the water’s edge, probing the mud for insects.
  • Spotted Sandpiper: With its distinctive teetering motion and boldly spotted plumage, the Spotted Sandpiper is a familiar sight along rocky shores and riverbanks.
  • Black-necked Stilt: Sporting striking black-and-white plumage and impossibly long legs, the Black-necked Stilt is a graceful inhabitant of wetlands and marshes.3,642 Black Necked Stilt Royalty-Free Images, Stock Photos & Pictures | Shutterstock
  • Collared Plover: Named for the distinctive black collar around its neck, this plover can often be found foraging along sandy riverbanks and mudflats.
  • Southern Lapwing: With its loud, distinctive call and boldly patterned wings, the Southern Lapwing is a common sight in open habitats throughout the Amazon.
  • Pied Lapwing: Characterized by its contrasting black-and-white plumage and distinctive crest, the Pied Lapwing adds a touch of elegance to the riverside scenery.
  • Gray-breasted Crake: Despite its secretive nature, the Gray-breasted Crake can sometimes be spotted skulking among the dense vegetation near waterways.
  • Dark-billed Cuckoo: This elusive cuckoo species is often heard before it is seen, with its distinctive calls echoing through the forest canopy.
  • Masked Duck: With its striking facial markings and secretive behavior, the Masked Duck is a prized find for birdwatchers exploring the quiet backwaters of the Amazon.
  • Black-bellied Whistling-Duck: Gathering in large flocks during the breeding season, the Black-bellied Whistling-Duck is known for its distinctive whistling calls and vibrant plumage.
    23 Black Bellied Whistling Duck Houston Royalty-Free Images, Stock Photos & Pictures | Shutterstock

This year, the team from Delfin Amazon Cruises embarked on an unforgettable journey to participate in Global Big Day, armed with binoculars, cameras, and boundless enthusiasm. Despite the challenges of navigating the dense jungle and unpredictable weather, their efforts were rewarded with an astonishing tally of 433 bird species recorded – the highest in their category. It’s a testament to the incredible biodiversity of the Amazon Rainforest and a reminder of the importance of conservation efforts to protect these precious habitats for future generations to enjoy.

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