Delfin Featured in the Australian Financial Review

Craig Tansley takes a trip aboard the Amazon’s most luxurious riverboat to find anacondas, piranhas and men in white linen gloves.

If you are subscribed to AFR head over and read the article on Delfin I or pick up a copy near you! Here is some of what Craig Tansley had to say…

The Delfin 1 is the most luxurious boat on the Amazon. There are just four guest rooms on board, so there can be no more than eight guests at any one time. And with its sprawling open-air lounge and bar upstairs, and rooms that include a jacuzzi on your private deck, it’s never hard to find your own space should you find sharing the Amazon with six others cramps your style.

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The Pacaya-Samiria is a refuge for endangered species, and the jungle is teeming with some of the most exotic fauna on Earth. The refuge is spread across 20,000 square kilometres of rainforest and river – the most extensive area of protected floodable rainforest in the Amazon. It’s home to a staggering 527 species of birds, 102 mammals, 69 reptiles, 58 amphibians, 269 fish and more than 1000 trees and plants (there are also more than 40,000 humans grouped in 94 tiny communities living entirely off the land, as they always have).


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