An Amazon Sunrise

I woke very early
The sun had not risen yet
The night still dominated the day
A half moon was still there
Followed by this wonderful shiny star
Venus they say…..always following the moon

It was more than 5 in the morning
The sun was starting to paint colors in the sky
No clouds in the air
Just clean deep blue skies
Purple and red in the horizon
Following this…. a festival of colors
Just waiting to develop under everybody’s eyes

We were docked in the mouth of the Dorado River
The vessel was starting to wake up
All guest in their cabins…… I hope some were awake
The crew doing their morning routine
The river just relaxing
Just as if it was the hugest lagoon
So calm
So beautiful
Nothing moving yet….. at least not to my eyes
Like everybody´s waiting to enjoy the most wonderful color display in the world
Just Nature ….showing off…..

What a glorious sunrise
Very hard to describe
the most amazing festival of colors went by
before the sun showed and started to looked at us
Bright and shiny
A path of gold on top of the water
I wanted to walked through it
As it was guiding you a secret path to Paradise
A canoe pass bye
It almost looked as it was suspended in the calm waters
As if it was not moving
But calmly went by
A timid dolphin show its beak

What a sunrise
Those natures give you sometimes
Not every time
Just sometimes
Lucky all that were awake to enjoy it
Early rising is always rewarding here
You never know what nature will be willing to give you….!