Jason, Kyle, and the Special Forces of the Peruvian Navy

It has been a wonderful trip!

Actually, all our cruises are, but his time we were visited by 2 great kids, Jason & Kyle. They came with their parents and grandmother, who altogether came all the way from Miami, USA. They were so enthusiast and active, always asking for more, enjoying everything. They really livened up the Delfin experience for everyone.

And they especially loved learning from the Special Forces of the Peruvian Navy!

This last week, we were honored by the company of a group of men from the Special Forces of the Navy. They were conducting a special intelligence investigation and we escorted them in their work by providing them with oil, food, and a resting place.

They did their investigations very discreetly but became very good friends of Jason and Kyle who even took their patrol boat for a ride.

Jason’s favorite activity was fishing and he couldn’t get enough!

Kyle kept the crew very active. He spent much time with our crew members, always asking something new. He even wanted to prepare his own piranhas!

Thank you so much for visiting us Jason, Kyle, Clifford, Janet and Rusty!