A Close Encounter With An Anaconda

What an adventure, the Amazon amazes us every day!

We were at Atun Poza, trying to find a place to start a morning hike. It is a bit difficult because this time of the year, the river rises with the rainy season. We ultimately found a restinga, a path that usually does not get flooded.

During this trip, we stopped by the small village at Atun Poza. We were initially looking for carachamas, an armored type of catfish that is considered a delicacy here in the Amazon. For example, carachamas soup is something you will love to try. On our way back from the village, a local fisherman was trying to show us something, so we went to have a look…

It was a huge anaconda, a beautiful 3-meter anaconda! This type of boa is not easy to see or to find at all, despite specific reputations of the Amazon Rainforest. The fisherman said the snake was found stuck in his fishing net about 1 month ago. Jesus, our guide who has worked a lot with snakes, told us that it was a 20 to 25 year old female.

We couldn’t just let this beautiful specimen remain trapped in this small wooden cage. So we convinced the fisherman to allow us release it.

So we took the giant anaconda back to the boat with us! Instead of releasing it near the town where it could be caught again, we decided to release the marvelous snake deep inside the protected area of the Pacaya River region where it would be safe.

Our guide Jesus wrapped up the beautiful anaconda into one of our skiffs as well as a small canvas bag on its face so she could not see but could still breathe. In this way, it was safer to transport her.

We were all so thrilled to watch them put her back in the water.

Immediately it started swimming and rolling its entire body and hiding under the floating vegetation.

We kept on watching and after a while, she poked her face out of the water, looking straight at us as if  to say thank you and goodbye.

We were all silent, every one of us with a huge smile on our faces, nobody saying a thing. After a while, the lovely anaconda went underwater again and into the bush. A few more silent seconds went by us, then we all cheered for its new found liberty and life!

Thanks to all of our travelers who helped and experienced this wonderful creature with us!