Traveling to the Amazon with Kids: Color the Amazon Educational Coloring Book

A trip to the Peruvian Amazon jungle is guaranteed to be one of the most unforgettable vacation destinations you can choose for your family. An outdoor classroom for the little ones, the rich biodiversity of the rainforest will open up their minds to a world of curiosity and excitement. The Pacaya Samiria National Reserve located in the Upper Peruvian Amazon is home to some of the world’s most astonishing and diverse wildlife, like the majestic Pink River Dolphin, the lazy Three-toed Sloth and the vibrant Blue Morpho Butterfly.

Delfin Amazon Cruises - Pink RIVER DOLPHIN

Download the Coloring Book

To prepare your kids for their adventure in the world’s most vital and rich ecosystem, we invite you to download our Color the Amazon coloring book, full of Amazonian wildlife and facts.

Once a page is completed, please email it to us at [email protected] for a chance to win a prize.

What types of Activities can your Kids expect onboard Delfin Amazon Cruises?


1. Kayaking

For older and active kids, a kayak excursion through the Amazon’s tributaries and creeks is an exciting way to see the jungle from a different perspective. Meander along the small waterways looking for monkeys and sloths as you paddle up close to the river banks. 

2. Night Exploration & Star Gazing 

Ever wonder what goes bump in the night? Well, we are determined to find out! Exploring the jungle at night with our expert naturalist guides means searching for caiman, snakes, frogs, spiders and more. Children will get an education experience on nocturnal wildlife and how to identify them by carefully listening to the jungle’s sounds. Let’s not forget about the magical star constellations that can be seen in the jungle at night.

Piranha fishing with kids

3. Piranha Fishing 

For the young adventurers, learning how to catch and release fish, especially a piranha from the Amazon, is a memorable activity. Our guides will give your family a lesson on piranha facts and what types of fish species are found in the river. A fun biology class for everyone!

4. Cooking Classes

Learn hoy to make a regional favorite dish – Juane! Our delightful chefs will teach blossoming cooks how to prepare this yummy treat filled with spiced rice, chicken, eggs, and olives. We invite our Jr. Chefs to be as creative as they want.

Local Amazonian Communities with Kids

5. Local Community Visits & Crafts Market

Visiting the Amazon’s local communities gives your children the opportunity to see the world in a whole new way. They will make new friends with the locals and get to know how kids live and how their mothers make crafts to support their families. A great way to pick souvenirs for your friends back home.

6. Manatee Rescue Center

Form intimate friendships with rescued jungle animals! Here, baby manatees are taught how to survive on their own. Your family will also get the chance to learn about other rescued animals such as monkeys, river otters, three-toed sloths and more.

For more information about traveling to the Amazon with kids, please contact us or call 1-833-201-8684. Remember to email us your colored pages from our Color the Amazon coloring book for a chance to win a prize. We will be sending a special gift to a few selected participants.