Myth and History of the Chuchuhuasi


There are always tales in the jungle and their origins are always mysterious.

There is a tale that has been known for centuries by the ancestors of the Cocama villagers.

It all starts in the small hut of the local shaman. His favorite son had disappeared and nobody could understand such a strange event. This type of thing is unusual in small villages like this, and all were worried when looking at the shaman, his eyes filled with sadness, his heart full of despair while searching for his little boy. The shaman kept looking but his little boy never appeared. So with time, the local villagers forgot about the child.

However, the shaman could never forget…

All throughout this time, he did not realize that at one side of his hut, a small tree had been growing. It kept on growing and growing more than any common tree, spreading its branches freely throughout the forest.

One night, the spirit of the tree appeared in the shaman’s dreams, telling him to ease his pain. Was it the voice of his son, or was the tree calling him? Listening closely to the words, the voice was telling him, “I am here father. I have been always here. I didn´t go anywhere and have been standing still, just at your side all this time.”

The shaman couldn’t believe it. How did he not see it before? His son was one of the strongest spirits in the jungle and was taking care of him. “Take my right side, my chuchu side,” the voice said, “the one that is caressed everyday by the sunrise. Take my left side, my huashi side, the one that is pampered by the sun when sets. Macerate them only like this, first my chuchu side, then my huashi side,
and then together they will become your treasure. With it you will be able to heal many and bring happiness to many more. Don´t search for me anymore, and remember this: both my sides, my chuchu side and my huashi side. This will be our secret and this will make you the best healer of all time.”

Today, they say that the chuchuhuasi tree is still there, although he has now spread himself around the forest. The shaman is still around too, at his son’s side, healing people who believe in him. He has survived death and has the power to continue healing people, as long as the people continue believing in the spirit of the chuchuhuasi tree.