Tour the Amazon on the Luxurious Delfin Amazon Cruises

Luxurious Delfin Amazon Cruises
In Delfin Amazon Cruises, we set the highest standards for impeccable service, unique style and superb cuisine. Our vessels take you one step beyond luxury, where comfort and grace combine effortlessly with the wilderness of the Amazon in a setting of understated elegance and world-class hospitality.

Our luxurious company of Amazon cruises has three ships, 200 collaborators, two own embarkation ports, a restaurant and an operations center in Iquitos. Our guides, skippers, chefs, and crew members —many of them native Amazonians— are experienced and trained professionals as well as charming travel companions. With a high ratio of crew for every passenger, they are sure to provide their clients with personal and undivided attention.

luxurious delfin amazon cruises

The beautiful and splendid Amazon cruises –Delfin I, Delfin II and Delfin III– combine traditional design and craftsmanship, with all modern comforts. All the cabins are carefully designed to be of the utmost pleasure, and include 180° panoramic windows that offer guests the most breathtaking views of the Amazon Rainforest.

The dining room, observation deck, entertainment center, bar and library are the ideal gathering places for all our passengers. All suites are designed with casually elegant interiors that create a welcoming and relaxing environment for those who want to get away from it all, yet enjoy indulgent comfort.

To compliment your daily excursions in the rainforest, you can enrich your body while on board by making use of our newly restored exercise space. Whether you enjoy aerobic exercises or cardio, our gym resources are available at your disposal. Surrounded by the lush natural surroundings of the Amazon, we encourage you to dive into the benefits of rainforest remedial philosophies and therapies.

Relax and enjoy the beautiful view of the Amazon River on the luxurious Delfin Amazon Cruises. For more information on the departure, click here.