Health and Safety Protocols and Travel Requirements Update

Updated: March 3, 2022

Dear Friends,

We hope we find you and yours well during this new month. While Omicron is finally passing, here at Delfin Amazon Cruises we need to stay vigilant and continue to deliver a top -of-the-line experience for our distinguished guests, while also protecting our crew members and our operation.

We are excited for travelers being able to explore the world again, and to join us on board our fleet to discover the magnificence of the Upper Peruvian Amazon in the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve with all of its biodiversity. Access to such a remote & alive area in the world while living a Relais & Chateaux style of experience on board is what motivate s us to give our very best to create these once-in-a-lifetime journeys.

Health and Safety Travel Update

We would like to update our Covid-19 related requirements as the global situation keeps on changing, for the good:

• All guests (12 years and older) will need to present a PCR test showing negative results to Covid-19 taken up to 48 hours prior to embarkation.
• Vaccinated passengers must send a copy of their vaccination card prior to traveling.
• Passengers must wear a mask on board when it’s not possible to socially distance, out of respect to other guests and crew members.

It is important for us to be transparent with you, with why we continue to have these measures.

Presently at Delfin Amazon Cruises, we are back to operating all of our three vessels simultaneously. Our staff is one of our greatest assets, and as such, it is our priority to protect their health and safety in order to delivery our guests with the promised five-star service.

To ensure that every crew member is healthy prior to embarkation we are still requiring a quarantine of up to 5 days prior to passenger embarkation. We start the process with a PCR test, then we have each crew member isolate in a hotel room for 3 days, afterwards we test again with PCR before having them stay onboard the vessel for 2 more nights, followed by an Antigen test prior to passenger arrival. We then test all crew members after passengers have disembarked.

Health and Safety Travel Update

As you can see, with quadruple testing and isolation, we are trying very hard to identify any crew member that may be asymptomatic or have a false-negative test result. We are proud of the efforts we are doing to offer our clients a safe environment so that they may enjoy their entire journey in Peru and return home promptly.

As you may be aware, the hospitality industry around the globe has also been affected with staffing challenges post pandemic. To have a crew member test positive for Covid-19 while cruising would compromise the entire crew, and in consequence, potentially compromise our ability to operate the consecutive programs. It is a domino effect that could affect not just one program, but furthermore, affect other programs, since we have to serve three vessels by mixing crews.

Delfin III Amazon Cruise

We are sure that you will appreciate the resources we invest into ensuring a safe operation, and will understand how having guests tested is part of the process. Looking forward to welcoming your guests and delivering that elevated experience you know we can deliver.

As always, we appreciate your trust and business.

Warm regards,
Delfin Amazon Cruises Family

For more information about our policies and protocols, please contact us.